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E-Comic: Requiem with a Birthday Cake by Negaduck9

This is one of the more better, if not, the best take on FNAF 3, not on style, but rather the story as well. We all know about the endi...

Mouse Trap! (feat. Pikachu, Mickey, Mighty Mouse) by ccayco
by ccayco

Holy flying space cows and ducks! This is the most unexpected crossover I've ever seen (and if Tom and Jerry were here, it would be a p...

Monsters Univesrity at theater by Sommum
by Sommum

Oh, the perfect irony... in a rare and funny way. It's one of the most common pic-gags with four or more picuters, that makes me laugh ...

A request 12 by JonezToons

I think this pic is just too cute to have a negative reaction. Even though I have seen a lot of nice pictures, a couple of children is ...


Norman Power-Ups 2 by Nawel249
Norman Power-Ups 2
Hammerrang Norman: A Koopa Troopa combination of Hammer and Boomerang (that's... actually cool). In this form, Norman has a great defense with his black spiked shell on his back, but really slow movements because of said weight. However, he can use his hammerrangs (hammer and bommerang) for distant and close combat. He has a picky personality.

Paper Norman
: Like Mario, Norman can transform into this paper form. Unlike Paper Mario, Paper Norman is a sneaky and looney cartoon character who's doing so much mischief in this form, not even the enemy would dare to annoy him. He is fragile (weak to wind,water and even fire), because, well, he IS made out of paper, but he can create copies of himself, much like Paper Mario. Instead of 8 copies, Norman can create 16 to 64 even to 128 for creating weapons or zerg rushing the enemy. The limited coping number 800, if the situation is either dire or just for overkill.

Springdrill Norman
: Really an odd combination of Drill and Spring. He seems to boring, annoying his enemies with his droopy face, even if said enemies are insane lunatics who are just nuts and has springs for legs. But don't be fooled by the look. His form is not to be taken lightly for two reasons. First, he has drills for arms and feet. The feet are actually two halfes of a drill and can be formed into a third drill as well for digging or drilling. Second, with the red springs, Norman can jump really high or long deppending on the angle.
Ik'll be gone in Italy for one week, so I won't be here for a while.




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