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Mouse Trap! (feat. Pikachu, Mickey, Mighty Mouse) by ccayco
by ccayco

Holy flying space cows and ducks! This is the most unexpected crossover I've ever seen (and if Tom and Jerry were here, it would be a p...

Monsters Univesrity at theater by Sommum
by Sommum

Oh, the perfect irony... in a rare and funny way. It's one of the most common pic-gags with four or more picuters, that makes me laugh ...

A request 12 by JonezToons

I think this pic is just too cute to have a negative reaction. Even though I have seen a lot of nice pictures, a couple of children is ...


Portal Sorcrer Portius and Grand Master of Magic by Nawel249
Portal Sorcrer Portius and Grand Master of Magic
These are two Original Characters of mine: The Apprentice and his Mentor.

The first one is the Portal Sorcrer Portius (short for Porty), also known as The Dimensional Multiverse Traveler, a magican with a purple cloak (including a hoodie) and a mysterious face with white eyes, brows, nose and mouth. He is a student of the Grand Master of Magic, whom he teached not only sorcery and alchemy, but also everything, from animals and alien-like creatures to places and other universes (that guy is good). He carries the 'Portal Scepter', a powerful golden scepter with four metal pieces on each side and a purple portal stone, crafted from a mysterious origin. Portius can summon his scepter from his hands anytime he want and only he can yield it. He can create with the help of his scepter many different portals; portals to other dimensions and universes, escape portals for retreating and summon portals for summoning subjects and objects from different dimensions. While he has so many great abilities, Portius is more like a supporter and a thinker rather than just a mere student from first glance.

The second one is the Grand Master of Magic (also called as The Almighty Wizard of All Magic). While his name or past is mysterious, the Grand Master is said to be the oldest and strongest magican in the old ages. It said to be believed that the is older than time itself and is the inventor of magic, sorccery and alchemy.
I have a bad cold and I'm couching as well *couch, Couch*




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